This app puts the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar in your pocket! “13:20:Sync makes it so much easier to understand and integrate the calendar into every day life. Highly recommend it.”

The Mayan People have described, in breathtaking precision, the cycles of both the universe and nature around us. They created a harmonic calendar that is synchronized to all those cycles. Following these cycles can help you get a stronger connection with nature around you and become conscious of your essence.

This app provides a simple way to sync along those cycles, to raise our frequency and give us a new lens to view both our day-to-day and planetary events.

– Did you ever realize that our (Gregorian) calendar is not a harmonic calendar?
– Did you know that the moon has 13 (not 12!) orbits around the earth in 1 year?
– Why do we live with this irregular calendar?
– Are you interested in Astrology?

-> All this, and more, is explained carefully in this app. (over 15.000 words on 37 pages) Please note that these text are in English language only.

In the New Time, synchronicity is the norm.

5 star rating across the world!
“Entertaining as well as enlightening”


For the beginner this app is a learning tool because it contains an extensive explanation about Tones and Seals and the synchronizing order of the Mayan Astrology. You may think it’s difficult at first but soon you will feel how it all connects.

“This app is great, and allows easy manipulation of dates. I spent years in books doing in hours what I can now do in seconds.”

For the ones who are already familiar with the Mayan Calendar this app is a handy tool to navigate the cycles, and calculate the Combined Kin for any given combination. Furthermore this app can be of great assistance to teach other people about the 13:20 cycles and is used in teachings around the world.

=== FEATURES ===

+ Kin Calendar
This is your main Mayan Dreamspell Calendar Dashboard with all the details you need to stay in sync. Shows the Kin of today by default, and you can calculate the Kin for any other date.

+ Personal Notes
On this new page you can keep your personal notes for the 2 main cycles of time: the Tzolkin cycle of 260 days and the 13 Moon cycle of 365 days. And with the powerful text search function you quickly find your notes.

+ Kin Picker
Select any combination of the 13 Tones and 20 Seals. Top section can scroll to 4 pages with information.

+ Combined Kin Calculator
Calculate the Combined Kin of any combination of Kin. You can add as many Kin as you like to calculate the Combined Kin for a group of people.

+ Tzolkin with indication of the GAP day’s and Wavespell and more. Tap and hold to select a Kin number directly.

+ Contact Import
All contacts in your Contacts App will be automatically imported and assigned to the correct Kin. See all your contacts with their Mayan Reading and how you relate to them.

+ 13 Moon Calendar
Full integration of 13 Moon Calendar. (doubles as a birthday calendar!)

+ 13:20 Information
Lots of information about the theory behind synchronization to help you navigate the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar. The texts provide a clear explanation of the Cycles of Time. (More than 15.000 words on 37 pages) Please note that these text are in English language only.

+ Sharing
On all the 3 main tabs you can share the current selected Galactic Signature using your favorite app.

# Based on the work of José Argüelles.
# This app was made with permission of and in cooperation with the Foundation for the Law of Time – www.lawoftime.org,
# Ariel Spilsbury.

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